Wilson’s Promontory

 We spent one of our remaining few weekends in Australia at Wilson’s Promontory National Park, which is about 2 hours from Melbourne.  It is the southernmost point on the south coast of Australia, and the beaches there were just beautiful!

This picture was taken at the “Squeaky Beach”–when you walk on the sand, it squeaks under your feet!  While we were walking on the Squeak Beach, we saw this giant ant!  Ew!

We had some companions at our campsite.  Every time we would arrive at the site from going somewhere in the car, a pair of fairy wrens would come to flirt in the side mirror of the car.  The male was strutting his stuff and showing off for his lady friend, and she couldn’t get enough!

We had also heard that wombats could be seen at Wilson’s Prom.  We were not disappointed!!  We saw this guy by the road outside the campground, and then saw 3 more just wandering around the campground!  You even have to be careful to keep your food in your car and not your tent, because otherwise you might end up with a wombat visitor!

We spent most of the weekend just relaxing in the campground and going on some easy hikes.  It was beautiful and finally starting to get warm and feel like spring!  I’ll leave this post with some shots from the hikes.


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