For Fun

One of our “hobbies” while in Australia was checking out the road signs and other caution signs posted around parks and other areas.  You never knew exactly what you were going to see…

Very scientific.

Beware of men jumping in holes!

Dog owners, let’s not let that poo hit the ground, okay?

If you’ve ever eaten a meat pie (center picture), you know why there is only one bite taken out of it before it’s “garbage.”

I really think the kitty sticker someone added to this sign helps with the confusion.  What is going on here?!?

All your favorite Australian animals.  And…cows?

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One Response to For Fun

  1. Janet says:

    The road signs are so funny and very self explanatory.
    All your posts have been so interesting and makes me want to go to Australia .
    I know Josh was working while you were over there but it’s got to be the trip of a lifetime for both of you!
    Thak you so much for sending them.

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