Weekend in Sydney

As our “reward” for flying to Australia in coach class, Josh’s company paid for us to spend a weekend in Sydney.  We really enjoyed the city–great sights, yummy food, a relaxing weekend!

Our first stop was famous Sydney Harbour, home of the Opera House! 

Getting closer…


As close as you can get!

I thought it was really cool how it was actually made up of tiles.  They were in different patterns all over the building–very neat to see up close.

Sydney skyline

The next day, we went to the Chinese garden, which was a lovely, peaceful oasis in the middle of the city.

I think the animals enjoyed this bit of nature in the city as well.

Tucked away in a room in the garden was this jade wedding carriage.  It was beautifully carved and the only such carriage on display outside of China!

Later that day, we went to the Maritime Museum (free entry!).  Josh demonstrated that he is not made for a submarine.

This boat is from the Darwin Beer Can Regatta, a race in which all the boats are made from, you guessed it, beer cans!  This one even sports the Australian green and gold!

While walking through the Sydney Botanical Gardens, we saw these flying foxes, a type of fruit bat.  There were dozens of them snoozing in the trees!

On Sunday, we walked across the Harbour Bridge to Luna Park, a historic amusement park. 

We enjoyed views from the bridge:

And from the ferris wheel!

Sydney was a great city, but I can tell by looking back over our pictures that our time in Australia was growing short.  Although we were still loving being there, I was a bit over being a “tourist”–there are fewer and fewer photos!

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