Back Down the Great Ocean Road

Our final trip in Australia with my parents was a trip down The Great Ocean Road, just in time for my mom’s birthday.

We stopped for a great seafood lunch at this spot, and watched the fishermen and the ocean.

Next, we saw some wildlife, including this parrot and lots of koalas in the trees–including this one with a joey by her side!

We made it to the Twelve Apostles in time for sunset, which was absolutely amazing!

As the sun began to sink under the horizon, it did something I’d never seen before–the sun disappeared, but we could still see the reflection on the ocean.  It was gorgeous!

We spent the night near the Twelve Apostles, Josh and I in our tent in a campground, mom and dad in a hostel.  (You’ll have to ask them about that…)  The next morning was mom’s birthday, and we stopped back at the Twelve Apostles to see them up close and personal!

Even though it was pretty chilly, Dad rolled up his pants and headed right for the water!  He even convinced mom and I (Josh thought we were crazy) to dip our feet in the ocean too.

Birthday girl!

It was a great trip, and a great ending to mom and dad’s visit.  They started the long journey home the next day, and Josh and I were alone again Down Under!

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