Back to the Zoo!

One of the things my mom wanted to do with her last few days in Australia was go to the Melbourne Zoo, so she and I went and had a wonderful day.  The animals were all very active and we saw some things I’d never thought I’d see in a zoo!

The first amazing sight was at the tiger area.  The tigers included a mother and her 3 cubs.  As we watched the mother, it became clear that she was watching something…a duck that was paddling around in the pond in the tiger area.  She waited very patiently for it to come closer.  It was incredible to watch her patience and attention as the duck swam all around.

After a while, one of the cubs came to watch her, and soon after, she made her move!  She chased the duck up to where the other cubs were, and then let them “play” with it…and eat it!  It was right out of National Geographic at the zoo!

Next, we saw the elephants!  There are currently two baby elephants at the zoo, big sister Mali…

And the littlest baby, brother Ongard.

Our last interesting encounter was over with the bears.  Their keeper had just come by and fed them, complete with honey on the viewing windows.  It took him a few minutes to find it, but when he did, he went to town!

The Melbourne Zoo is always a great time, and it was even better with my mom!

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One Response to Back to the Zoo!

  1. Janet says:

    What great pictures! The baby elephants were too cute.

    Hope you are feeling good. Love Aunt Janet

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