Birthday in Picton

We spent the next two nights in Picton, New Zealand.  Picton is at the very northern tip of the south island of New Zealand, and from there you can actually take a boat to the northern island.  Our full day in Picton was a very special day, my birthday!  I felt very lucky to get to spend it in such a beautiful place, and with my parents and Josh.

Picton is on the water, surrounded by many other inlets and bays.   Dad and I thought the landscape looked a lot like lakes in Kentucky.

On this day, we took a boat out to Endeavor Bay, a spot that Captain Cook used as a base when exploring the area.  The island had a monument to Captain Cook, and some native carvings.

Our boat left us at Endeavor Bay, and we had the day to hike down the Queen Charlotte Track to another inlet where the boat would pick us up in the afternoon.  An eight mile hike might not be everyone’s idea of a good birthday activity, but I love hiking on my birthday!  Mom and Dad choose to be dropped off at a different spot, so they had a shorter walk.

Along the way we encountered some New Zealand birds, including this one.  It’s not a kiwi (they are very shy and rarely seen) but seemed to be a similar flightless bird.

From one overlook, we could just barely make out the snow-capped peaks of the mountains we had seen earlier.

Here’s Josh at our lunch spot.

I’m not sure what it is about New Zealand, but Josh was just glowing!

We made it to our rendez-vous spot after our hike about 10 minutes before the boat was leaving for Picton!  That evening, we enjoyed a delicious dinner and overall it was a very happy birthday!

(I think mom is ready for bed after our day of hiking!)

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