A Wildlife Adventure

The next morning, before we left Kaikoura, my dad talked to the owner of the cottage that we had stayed in the night before.  He gave us a great tip for our trip as we continued north.

A few kilometers up the road from Kaikoura, we pulled into a small parking lot to the left of the road.  To the right of the main road was the ocean.  Near the parking lot was a small path that lead away from the coast, following a creek upstream.  As we walked further up the path, we began to see some baby seals–sleeping near the path, splashing in the creek.  But just a few minutes walk from the parking lot brought us to our destination–a pool created by a waterfall at the head of the creek.  And in the pool?  A dozen baby seals, frolicking, swimming, wrestling and playing!  The pool acts as a sort of nursery for them–they come up to the pool during the day when their mothers are out at sea fishing.  There, they are protected from the dangers of the ocean, and they can grow and learn from their play.  But all my words can’t really describe the magical scene–but you can see it for yourself!

Baby Seals from Jessie T on Vimeo.

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