New Zealand!

Our next adventures took us over the ocean to New Zealand!  We arrived in Christchurch very late at night.  We were all sleeping peacefully in our room at the hostel when…..the shaking began!!  It was pretty mild but definitely an earthquake!  Dad sat straight up in bed and yelled, “Get out of the building!!”  I replied, “It’s just a little one, it will stop soon.”  It did and we all went back to sleep.  But in the morning, we (of course) gave Dad a hard time about his orders to evacuate the building!  He informed us that he was just leaving us all behind next time! 

He proceeded to interrogate every Christchurch resident we meet about the quake that night.  They all replied, as if it was no big deal, “Oh, it was just an aftershock!”  They were pretty used to them at that point.  But Dad was not.  I’m not sure he slept soundly the rest of the time we were in New Zealand, although that was the only tremor we experienced.

We spent our morning in Christchurch at the beautiful botanic gardens.  Spring had certainly arrived with green grass, bright flowers, and ducklings!  I think I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

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2 Responses to New Zealand!

  1. Mel says:

    Ross the Californian wants to point out that you’re way more likely to be hurt by stuff falling off a building during an earthquake than the building itself falling down. Case in point: several years ago a quake hit the town where his dad lives. While there was some pretty substantial structural damage to numerous buildings, the only two fatalities were a pair of women who ran out of the jewelry store they were in, only to have the small clock tower of the building fall on them as they stood on the sidewalk. So you were right, even if it had been a big quake!

    This PSA brought to you by the friend who’s hubby is from earthquake-land.

    • says:

      Believe me if I had left the building I would not have stood nearby waiting to see if it would collapse. I would have run as far and as fast away from the threat these buildings posed as possible.

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