Adventures in the Dandenongs

I took my parents to the closest mountains to Melbourne: the Dandenongs. Near the “car park” (parking lot) tourists were feeding the resident parrots and cockatiels, and we joined in the fun.

Then we took off on our hike through the Australian rainforest.
A little ways up the trail, we heard what sounded like a variety of different birds off in the woods near us. All the birds seemed to be coming from one place, though, and we heard and saw some rustling in the woods. We tromped off the trail a bit and realized we had come across a Superb Lyrebird doing his mating dance! It was absolutely amazing, and I’m so glad I had the presence of mind to take a video of him. You can see the female he’s trying to impress as well, and make sure to turn up the volume so that you can hear his amazing song. Lyrebirds don’t have their own call–they imitate all the other birds and even other every day noises that they heard and combine them with their mating dance. Dad and I agreed we felt like we were starting in our own Nature documentary while watching.
 Click HERE to watch the video!




We encountered even more wildlife not far up the trail.

We rewarded ourselves after our hike with delicious avocado and cheese sandwiches grilled on the convenient Aussie “barbies” in the picnic area, and we were watched over by even more native wildlife, this little kookabura.

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One Response to Adventures in the Dandenongs

  1. Frank and Janet says:

    Jessie, that was wonderful. That Lyrebird sure was strutting his stuff, I hope it paid off for him!!!

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