Healesville Santuary

The next day found us heading about an hour outside of Melbourne to the Healsville Santuary, a zoo devoted to only Australia animals.  It is a beautiful place–you feel like you are just out in the Australian bush, happening on animals all around.  They have some 500+ year old eucalytus trees, and birds are everywhere, inside and outside of cages.  Looking back on my pictures, I found that I focused most on our Australian feathered friends!  We saw an amazing variety of unusual birds.

This orange-bellied parrot is very rare.   He migrates into Southern Australia from Tasmania.  There are thought to be only about 200 of them left.

We came across this Blue Wren putting on a show by the water fountain.  He was flitting all around it, trying to get a good view to admire his own reflection!

I don’t remember this guy’s name, but I love his funny expression!

The Bird of Prey show had been highly recommended to us, so we made sure to head there in time to get good seats!  This buzzard was amazing–he can open an emu egg using a rock as a tool!

During the show, we also learned about this beautiful owl, and watched a falcon dive-bomb into a pond to catch a fish.  We got to see her try it 4 times, because she kept missing, but I didn’t manage to take a good picture of it at all!

Here are a few more of the beautiful birds and other flying creatures we saw.

And I’ve saved the best for last…dingo puppies!!  They were so cute, and we also saw a heard the older dingos howling for their dinner.  (Dingos don’t bark, they howl.)

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