I’m back!

Sorry about the long break, dear readers, but I was off having more adventures to tell you about! My parents were here for 3 weeks and we had tons of fun!


We enjoyed some the sights around Federation Square, a modern area that includes shops, restaurants, and museums.

After that we walked through a park on our way to do some “sticky-beaking” in one of Melbourne’s swankiest neighborhoods.


It didn’t feel much like spring (it was still pretty cold here) but signs of spring were around!


Dad was our official photographer this day, and I think he did a good job selecting some unique homes to photograph.




The next day, we were off on a real Aussie-style adventure…..!

We hit the ground running on their first full day in Melbourne with a trip into the CBD (downtown). Our first stop was the Cathedral that sits right across from the main train station. It was a beautiful and peaceful place to start the day.

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One Response to I’m back!

  1. Frank and Janet says:

    Glad you are back!! I missed your blogs. I know you and Josh had a great time with Mark and Lucy. The cathedral is really gorgeous. Love, Frank and Janet

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