Mornington Peninsula

Mornington Peninsula is on the coast about 1 1/2 hours from Melbourne.  Josh and I headed out there for a Saturday hike.  As we started along the path, we saw lots of smaller trails crossing the path and going off into the woods in both directions.

We wondered if maybe they were trails that an animal had created, and a few minutes later, we were proven right when we saw some kangaroos!  They were below us in a meadow on one side of the path, and above us in some cow pastures on the other side of the path!

Can you see her joey?


After about an hour of walking, we arrived at the beach.  There were a few brave souls surfing.  The waves and wind made the ocean look pretty rough!  We poked around a bit on the rocks and just enjoyed the scenery.

We left this beach after a little while, and another hour or so of walking brought us to the Cape Schanck lighthouse.  We didn’t actually go in the lighthouse, but there were boardwalks that allowed you to go out onto the point.  When we came out of the trees–rainbow!

I didn’t take any more pictures because my camera battery was dying, but we did see some little snails and bright pink anemones in the rock pools on the shore.  And on the way back…

Several groups of kangaroos crossed our path on their little paths through the woods! 

We are so lucky to be in Melbourne and so close to all these amazing places!  This past weekend, we took a trip to an amazing place that was a bit further away…

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One Response to Mornington Peninsula

  1. says:

    “ocean, rocks, and rainbows,oh my!” Jessie your pictures are fan-tab-u-less! love,mom
    see you soon!

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