Sights of the Rainforest

Sunday morning we traveled to a different nearby national park, Lamington National Park.  The scenery here was similar to Springbrook.

One of the more interesting plants of the rainforest is the strangler fig. As a youngin’ in the rainforest, one of the most difficult tasks is finding light under the dense canopy of older trees. The strangler fig gets around this problem by winding around a large tree, like a vine, and using that tree to find its way to some sunlight. Here’s what the young fig starts out like, just winding around the tree:

Then, as it grows, it continues to wrap itself around its host tree, like this:

Eventually, it does “strangle” the host tree, and the host tree dies, leaving the strangler fig as its own established tree, with the outside a maze of vines and the inside hollow:

Pretty good survival technique!

Ferns, of course, are everywhere in the rainforest: on the forest floor, growing on the sides of trees, or, in the case of the fern tree, as its very own tree!

In addition to the beautiful flora of the forest, we also saw some fauna, including this wild turkey, who was not shy at all:

Slightly more shy was this pademelon:

We heard rustling in the brush around us for quite a while, and even caught a few glimpses of him bounding away before he hopped onto the path in front of us and stopped just long enough for me to take his picture!

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4 Responses to Sights of the Rainforest

  1. Janet Campisano says:

    Love your pictures! I am getting quite an education about Australia, thanks ever so much.

    I loved the glow worm picture!!!

  2. Mark Summers says:

    Jessie, Watch out for the spiders.

  3. says:

    jessie what does the fur fell like? O my; we will be flying out in just 2 weeks! This trip will be a dream come true for me ,and I get to share it with you and Josh! Love mom

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