Two Words

When Josh found out he’d be going to Brisbane for work and that I’d be going with him, I started to do a little research on what we could do for the weekend outside of Brisbane.  I came home from the library and said to him, “I have two words for you about Queensland: Glow. Worms.!!!”  I knew from the second I learned you could see glow worms in Springbrook National Park that that was where I wanted to go!

So, after dinner we headed over to the other side of the park, armed with flashlights and rain gear.  We started down the darked path to the natural bridge and cave where the glow worms lived.  Even before we got to the cave, however, we noticed tiny pin-pricks of neon green light on the rocks that were along the path.  Glow worms!!  Once we entered the cave, they were all around us!  It was like looking up into a night sky with stars made of neon green.  So amazing!!  It was much too dark to take any pictures, but it looked a lot like this photo I borrowed from another website.

The glow worms are not actually worms, they are fly larvae.  They use the glowing light to lure a snack into sticky webs that hang underneath them. 

As if that wasn’t enough, the southern hemisphere put on a display of night stars when we returned to our campsite.  It is so strange to look up and not see the big dipper.  So many stars are visible, though, and the Milky Way was really clear.  It was an absolutely beautiful night!

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