Exploring the Hinterland

So, Josh and I had the weekend to spend in Queensland.  About an hour north of Brisbane is the Gold Coast, a beach area with high rises, amusement parks, and attractions like Ripley’s Believe it or Not.  Behind the coast is the hinterland, the “green behind the gold,” a mountainous area of rainforests and wildlife.  I don’t think you have to know Josh and I too well to know which we chose.  Saturday morning we arrived at Springbrook National Park and set of down the trail to Purling Brook falls. 


We started the hike at the top of the falls, and about half way through we were at the bottom, where we took a side route over to this lovely pool.

Tropical Paradise! 

While Josh was taking this picture, I spotted an EEL in the stream below the pool!  I *think* you can see him if you look closely.  He’s in the middle of the picture and he is about the same color as the rocks around him.

Back on the main trail, we walked UNDER the waterfall and around to the other side.  Awesome!

On hike #2, we enjoyed more lush rainforest.  It was a beautiful day, with clouds and sun, and the perfect cool temperature for hiking.

In every stream we passed, I looked for a certain creature, but never spotted him until the last stream of the day…the blue crayfish!  We started looking in the last stream and suddenly started noticing them everywhere!  He looks big here, but they are about the size of crayfish back home.  But so much more stylish!

The day was ended at the “Best-of-all Lookout.”  The sky was very dramatic with a storm rolling in.  


A great day of hiking,and the night time held more adventures…..

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