Beautiful Brizzy!

Last week I had the chance to go to Brisbane with Josh (he had to go for work).  Brisbane is in Queensland, on the Eastern coast of Australia.  It was a lovely city, quite a bit smaller than Melbourne but still quite large.  The weather there was incredible–it was at least 75 F the day I spent there.  (Let’s remember it’s “February” here!) We flew in Thursday night and Friday Josh went in to the shop and I made my way to the CBD (Central Business District, which is what they call downtown here). My first stop was city hall.


I had read that you could go up into the tower for views of the city, but unfortunately the whole building was closed for renovations.  This also confirmed what Josh’s coworker told us, which was that Brisbane is constantly under construction.  This also made for some adventures with the GPS.  Anyway, I decided my next stop was the Botanical Gardens.

I had a self-guided walked tour brochure, which told me about this man, who is commemorated because he was lost in the outback and then lived with the Aborigines for 17 years. 

I guess there are no clothes in the outback. 😉

I loved this little cottage which was once the home of the resident gardener.  Reminded me of South Carolina low country houses surrounded by live oaks. 

Brisbane is surrounded by rivers, and the Botanical Gardens are on the shores of one.  You can walk though the mangroves on this peaceful boardwalk.

Many of the trees in the garden have been around since Queensland began as a penal colony, including this dragon tree and these two HUGE fig trees.

The gardens were lovely and relaxing to walk around, but the highlight once again was the Australian wildlife.  By the ponds near the entrance gates, there were at least a dozen iguanas!  They were quite tame and there were lots of tourists chasing them around and posing with them.  I even saw an iguana get a little too close to a woman eating lunch….I think he wanted to share! 

Brisbane is a fun city, but Josh and I had bigger plans.  First thing Saturday morning we headed out to the hinterland….

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One Response to Beautiful Brizzy!

  1. Fank and Janet says:

    Jessie, your photography is outstanding!! we are loving all the pictures you send.

    Looking forward to the hinterland!!!

    The ski looks so clear and beautiful !!!

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