Open House

The following weekend gave us an opportunity to do some more sticky-beaking, as Melbourne held their annual Open House. During this event, various downtown apartments, businesses, and historic buildings are open and free for the public come and look around.

The first building was a office that featured a roof top garden for their employees. Wouldn’t you like to eat your lunch up here?

The Melbourne Athenaeum, a historic library that is still open today, featured some beautiful details. Unfortunately, the price of membership has gone up considerably.


In the same building, a movie house that has been converted into a theatre (isn’t it usually the other way around?) had a stunning ceiling.

I loved the stained glass windows and painted trim in this church.


We weren’t sure what to make of this lion, who I believe is wearing a chef hat and holding a rolling pin. Maybe he’s baking the communion bread?

In the basement of the Treasury Building, we saw where the minister of the treasury and his family lived in the 1800s. We also saw the vaults where gold was stored during the gold rush (the main event that caused the growth of Melbourne). The vaults were only used for gold for a short time though, and then they had a much less glamorous job as storage for files.

The last building, and my favorite, was a terrace house that was saved by the historical society and then became their offices. The building had an interesting history of wealthy residents, time as a boarding house and possible brothel, and then restoration to its former glory.

Love the tiled porches.

Beautiful terrace details

There is so much to discover in Melbourne and we didn’t have a chance to see a lot of the buildings. Too bad the buildings won’t be open for another year!

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