Master Chef

No, I am not a master chef, but that is the name of a VERY popular cooking show here. It was on 6 nights a week until the finale last Sunday. It was quite entertaining and I’m looking forward to the upcoming Junior MasterChef, with 8-12 year old cooks!

Today’s entry does show a bit of my “foodie” tendencies though. The day after our hike at the reservoir, we took the train into Melbourne so that Josh could experience the Queen Victoria Market. We browsed around for a while, then had lunch. Josh had an amazingly delicious bratwurst that we are still talking about! We wanted to take home some of the beautiful fresh produce, so we settled on some blood oranges and artichokes. The oranges were incredible: a combination of raspberries and citrus. I choose the artichokes because I had never made fresh ones so I wanted to give it a try. Here they are, fresh and lovely with stems on.

I trimmed them and stuffed slivers of garlic in between some of the leaves, then put them into their hot bath along with the stems.

They were quite tasty served with red capsicum (that’s what they call bell peppers here) dip, which was also from the market.

Our little kitchen is rather well equipped, so I’ll share some more recipes if I make anything else exciting. (Also, sorry about the small pictures today.  WordPress is being weird, it deleted my post twice, and the size pictures I usually use look gigantic for some reason. Sigh.)

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