The Penguin Parade

Stormy weather at the Nobbies in Phillip Island

After our morning at the wildlife park, the weather took a turn for the worse.  We had planned on doing a hike somewhere on Phillip Island, but it was quite rainy, so instead we ate delicious baked goods and browsed around at the visitors center as we awaited the final wildlife experience of the day….the penguin parade!

The penguin parade happens every night on Phillip Island.  The penguins that live there (sometimes called “fairy penguins” because of their small size) spend their days fishing in the ocean.  At night, they come onshore to sleep in their burrows.  For about $20, you can earn the privilege to sit with about 1,000 other people and watch them come in to their burrows, and believe me, it is worth every penny!  They start coming on shore in little groups, and they look so small when they pop up out of the ocean.  They wait in little groups by the shore to get a bigger group together, sometimes getting knocked back down into the water by the waves as they wait.  When they feel like they have a big enough group together, they waddle towards the sand dunes.  The great part about the penguin parade is that you can also watch the penguins from the boardwalk as they go toward their homes.  They make all sorts of funny noises, and when they get into an argument about whose burrow is whose, they flap their wings and squawk angrily at each other.  The unfortunate part is that you aren’t allowed to take any pictures of them, but here’s one I stole from their website.

They were really fun to watch, and you even had to look out for them in the parking lot, although we didn’t see any out there.

I tell you, Australia has the best road signs in the world.

The next morning, we were up bright and early to take Amanda to the airport.  It had been a great trip, and we were very sad to see her go.  But don’t worry, Josh and I have had some adventures of our own since she’s been gone!

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2 Responses to The Penguin Parade

  1. Janet says:

    Jessie and Josh, your pictures and commentary are just wonderful!!! I bet those penguins were a sight to behold, I have always loved penguins and when I was little I always wanted a penguin for a pet.

    I know you and Josh will have loads of fun and adventures while you are in Australia, you are very lucky to have such a wonderful opportunity. Love, aunt Janet

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