Koalas and kangaroos and wallabies, oh my!

For Amanda’s last full day in Australia, we headed to Phillip Island.  First stop: Phillip Island Wildlife Park, where you can see lots of native mammals in a free range environment!  As soon as we arrived, they set us up with food for the little guys.  Right away, we tried to head to the koalas, but we were soon met by these little guys:


Now I still don’t totally know my marsupial identification, but I believe that these are wallabies, which are similar to kangaroos but smaller.  They were very cute and not shy at all.  They were eager to nibble the little food pellets right out of our hands!  Josh quickly learned that you could pet them if you distracted them with food first.

After visiting these guys a bit, we went over to the koalas.  You could see them face to face on their raised boardwalk.  They were very cute, but it was kind of drizzling, so they were mostly napping with their heads curled under from the rain.  I get the impression that napping is a major koala activity!  These two were showing off a bit though…

Koala love!

In another part of the park, we encountered the grey kangaroos.  They are quite a bit larger than the wallabies.  As you can see, this one was very interested in Amanda’s food.  She also had a little joey hangin’ out in her pouch!

We saw quite a few mama kangaroos with joeys.  The joeys would be standing by their mamas, but when they saw us coming, they headed right for the pouch!  It is amazing how they fit in there, although sometimes they don’t quite fit…it’s really funny to see them with their feet or tails poking out of the pouch! 

In the next area, there were lots of kangaroos and emus!  The emus are taller than a person and rather intimidating!  We tried to avoid them, but they wanted food too.  Our strategy was to toss some food away from us to distract them, and then hurry quickly away!

The kangaroos definitely had different personalities.  Some of them wouldn’t come near us, some of them came shyly forward, and some were quite brave and persistent!

This guy knew right where Josh was keeping the food!

The park had some more native animals that I’ll share with you in another post.  The library’s wireless is rather slow when uploading pictures today!

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2 Responses to Koalas and kangaroos and wallabies, oh my!

  1. Stacie says:

    How awesome! I love it! 🙂 It looks like you guys are really having a good time and taking in the sights. Amanda is super lucky to have such good guides.

  2. Mark&Lucy says:

    Happy belated anniversary.
    Josh looks like he is turning into St. Francis. I can hear him talking to the animals. We are really enjoying the blog.

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