Melbourne Zoo

Friday was zoo day! We were greeted by the entrance by this fella:


The day was a bit rainy, so we headed to some indoor exhibits first. After seeing the amphibians and reptiles, we met this guy. He was swimming all around, diving after the little Nemo doll his trainer had.

Over in the Africa section, we saw a mama tiger and her THREE adorable cubs! The little cubs were chasing each other around the whole time, so they wouldn’t hold still for a picture, but here is the proud mama.

In the butterfly house, I met a friend, who I think was trying to use my hair as camouflage.

More animal babies were seen over in the India section, with little Mali hanging out before lunch with her “mum” as the Australians would say.

The orangutan enclosure was very well designed. You could see the orangutans outside from raised platforms, or from inside through one-way glass. The orangutans were hanging out under the shelter near the glass, so I got this great shot of one lovely lady. Fun fact: Aussie slang for redheads is “ranga” (as in, the new Australian prime minister is a ranga) which comes from the word “orangutan.”

Even more animal babies were on display (sort of) when we glimpsed that this tree kangaroo had a little joey in her pouch.

It continued to rain on and off throughout the day, and you can tell that this gorilla is none too pleased about it.

This gorilla, however, took all the rain in stride.

Unfortunately, most of the Australia section was closed, but we did see these sleeping wombats. I find them quite cute and cuddly, but Amanda thinks they seem a bit scary. They are larger than I expected, about the size of a small/medium dog. Dear readers, you should come to Australia and decide for yourselves!

One of our last and favorite stops was at the lion area, where there were four male lions. Most of them were lounging, but one was pacing back and forth on one side of the enclosure. Up on the walkway above the lions, we could see that the African dog enclosure was right next to the lions, and as the lion was pacing, 4-5 dogs were following him back and forth, back and forth. It was very interesting. Neither the lion nor the dogs seemed upset, they were just carefully watching each other.

We ended the day walking though the big cat area, including this snow leopard.

All in all, it was a lovely zoo, although we were disappointed we didn’t see more Australia creatures. Luckily, Saturday was filled with Australian fauna….

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One Response to Melbourne Zoo

  1. Janet and Frank Campisano says:

    Hi Jessie and Josh, it looks like you are having a great time sightseeing. I like your “digs” . It sounds like you are in a great neighborhood and I am sure it won’t be long before you know a lot of people because I know Australians are very friendly people.
    Keep the comments and pictures coming because they are very much enjoyed.
    I wouldn’t mind having winters here in Kentucky like you are having! The flower pictures are really great. Jessie maybe you will turn out to be a photographer

    Love, Aunt Janet and Uncle Frank

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