Marvelous Melbourne

We started out the day Wednesday with a trip around the city on the free City Circle Tram.

After a tour of the city, we got off at our stop, for the Melbourne Museum. Here we are in front of the fountain outside of the Royal Exhibition Building.

We spent the whole day at the Melbourne Museum, which features sections on natural history, Aboriginal culture, and the history of Melbourne. It is a great museum with many fascinating displays. The Aboriginal culture center was amazing, with ancient artifacts such as a possum cloak covered with ancient drawings. Unfortunately, no pictures were allowed.

Thursday we took the tram to the Queen Victoria Market, a market with fresh fruit, cheese, meat, and more stalls featuring items from souvenirs to underwear to NBA basketball jerseys than you could believe. No picture could do it justice, and the two hours we had there only allowed us to explore about a fourth of the market.

Next, we made our way to Captain Cook’s cottage, the oldest building in Victoria. It was built in England and was the childhood home of Captain Cook. It was then brought to Melbourne in 1934 in celebration of Melbourne’s centennial. Amanda and I took advantage of the opportunity to sport period outfits and pose with Captain Cook.  You’ll notice that Captain Cook has some white batting on him–the cottage was decorated for “winter” with random penguins and snowflakes hung on the trees.

The house is very cute but small and is set up like it would have been when Captain Cook was a boy.

Nearby, you can also see two rather odd but underwhelming features of Melbourne. First, the model Tudor village, donated by an English village in appreciation for food sent by Melbourne during World War II. Not much of a gift, if you ask me. Plus, you aren’t able to actually go into the fence, so no fun pictures of giants standing by tiny houses!

Second, the Fairie Tree, donated by a local writer and sculptor, for “the children of Melbourne, but especially for the fairies.” Um, what?!

The second part of Thursday was dedicated to indulging ourselves: first at Max Brenner’s Chocolate Bar, where Amanda had this cappuccino:

Finally, Amanda enjoyed a massage and I enjoyed my first-ever pedicure. Lovely!

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