A Walk in the Park

Amanda and I started our first day touring Melbourne with lunch at a café in one of the covered arcades. Our waiter was very funny and told us about how he loved American accents because they are “so clear.” Here I am chillin’ at the café:

It was a lovely day, sunny and crisp, so we took a self-guided walking tour through some of Melbourne’s parks and gardens. Here’s a statue of Queen Victoria, namesake of the state of Victoria, of which Melbourne is capital.

We walked through the Queen Victoria Gardens where we also saw a statue to King Edward, who was surrounded by a lion on one side, and this creepy unicorn, who had obviously had his head replaced, on the other.

We wandered around in the Royal Botanic Gardens, which were quite lovely, before making our way to the Shrine of Remembrance. This amazing structure is a memorial to Australian veterans.

None of my pictures of the inside turned out, but it had many interesting displays, including a haunting art installation that featured paintings inspired by poems written by soldiers during World War Two. The shrine has several levels, and then you can go out on a walkway at the top, where there are amazing views of the city. We were lucky to come to the Shrine this day, because it was one of the few sunny days while Amanda was here.  This view looks towards the Botanic Gardens.

On our way back to the train station, we stopped into St. Paul’s Cathedral, which was quite beautiful. Most of my photos of the inside were rather blurry because of the dim light, but you can see the doors here, which are modern in contrast to the traditional architecture of the rest of the church.

All in all it was a lovely day in the city. 

P.S. Most of today’s photo credits go to Amanda, who had much better shots of most of the gardens.

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2 Responses to A Walk in the Park

  1. Mel says:

    That is one incredibly creepy unicorn!

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