“Winter” in Melbourne

Nearly everyone we’ve talked to in Australia asks us how we’re dealing with the winter weather.  I find this hilarious, because what they call “winter” is like a pleasant fall day in Indiana.  It has been sunny everyday and 15 or 16 degrees Celsius, which is in the upper 50s, low 60s.  But the best part about winter  is that there are lovely plants blooming everywhere!  (Disclaimer:  if you don’t like pictures of flowers, you should probably stop reading this blog now.  I like to take pictures of flowers, people.)

Here are some blooms I saw just in our neighborhood.  I’m going to need a new wildflower book to identify some of them–I don’t think Newcomb’s is going to have these, Jen.

 Daffodils.  are blooming.  in what is their December.  This is not winter!


P.S.  The new header photo is the sunset from our balcony last night.  And pictures of parrots should be coming soon!

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2 Responses to “Winter” in Melbourne

  1. Seth says:

    If that is winter in Australia and summer isn’t 120 in the shade, then sign me up.

  2. Fievel says:

    LOL. Yes, winter there is VERY different. I remember that from my trip, which was in June. Are they bundled up in their coats like when I visited? We kept leaving our jackets on the bus, and the Australians were always asking if we were ok because we were walking around without coats.

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